Welcome to the team, Philipp

The Ergonomen team is growing!

Introducing our newest team member: Dr. Philipp Baumann

Philipp holds a doctoral degree in psychology from the University of Bern and a Swiss federally-recognized diploma in computer science from the IFA. In his 10 years of experience as a researcher, advisor and lecturer in UX and usability – in positions spanning from scientific institutions to start-up environments – Philipp has developed extensive knowledge and a valuable “toolbox” of diverse skills. Philipp’s areas of expertise include the design and evaluation of socio-technical systems, quality development, and eye tracking methods. In short: we think that Philipp is a powerful addition to the Ergonomen team.

In his private time, Philipp enjoys reading about history and philosophy, playing strategic board games and relaxing with Netflix.

Die Ergonomen Usability AG welcomes Philipp warmly to the team, and wishes him a great start!

Philipp Baumann