The Usability Experts – The Ergonomen

The Ergonomen are the experts for usability evaluation, user-centered design, user experience, requirements analysis, ergonomic manuals, training design and contents, and system-ergonomics. We bring together the viewpoints of the developers, designers, managers and users. This is the key to optimal usability and a successful result.

The user is always the focus - as is the success of your product: 

  • Internet, Intranet, Web Applications
  • Software, Graphical User Interfaces GUI, iPad-, iPhone- and Smart Phone-Apps
  • Hardware Interfaces, Mobile Devices and Tools
  • Ergonomic Manuals, User Guides, Trainings
  • Web-based Training
  • Work Environment and Organization
  • Human Factors in Complex Systems
  • Usability Validation according to IEC 62366, EN/ISO 60601-1-6
  • Marketing, Communication, Impact


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