Communication and Impact:
Your customers get the message

What is the first impression of your brochure or website? What does the customer really perceive? Which message works best? We answer these questions based on many years experience and with our Visalyser and Eye-Tracking tools. The Visalyser measures the first impression while eye-tracking analyses reading behavior. Only the combination of both gives you the answers.

In the first 50 milliseconds, we decide whether we like what we see or not. Today's customers do not read, they scan. Both facts mean, that you need to a) have a nice design to convince your customers and b) that you must prioritize visually. To help you doing so, we measure the impact of your information material and, based on the results and their interpretation, optimize the way in which the product is presented. We address the following:

  • Which homepage design works best?
  • Which poster draws attention best?
  • Which packaging concept distinguishes your product better from the competitive product?
  • Is our brochure's content read in the right order?
  • How comprehensible are the graphics?
  • How should the logo look like and where should it be placed?

Have you got the message? We optimize your impact: 044 849 29 29 or eMail.