Manuals, Training, eLearning:
We make it clear

You create complex and sophisticated systems or products, we explain them to your customers. Be it software, hardware or services, we explain it in manuals, quick reference cards, training handbooks, web content, whatever you need to explain, we do that for you: clear and to the point.

Many professional software applications and devices are difficult to operate; selling complex insurance or communication products online is utterly challenging; the reporting software used by the Zurich City Police and other expert systems are complicated given the task at hand and, thus, need to be supported by motivating and clear training documents, manuals and tutorials. Simply clear!

  • Training concepts
  • Web based training content and training documents
  • Quick reference cards, quick manuals, complete ergonomic user manuals
  • Online sales channels
  • Information materials, brochures
  • Videos and animations, tutorials
  • Text editing for websites (which is a science per se) 

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