Product-Centric & Lean UX

With our agile and cross-functional product development approach, we provide the competencies that your team is missing: The product manager (PM) needs support? Or the team does not have a product manager? We offer coaching or an experienced PM. The team is missing user research skills or UX-design resources? We can provide these, too.

In software development, “agile” has become standard operating procedure. It gets hard when:

  • The aim is agility from ideation phase all the way to the go-live, and also in the data-driven product optimization after go-live,
  • The team is cross-functional and should work collaboratively and/or
  • The team is supposed to always be user-focused.

Cross-functional product teams typically include a PM, a UX researcher/designer, a graphic designer, a few software developers and when relevant representatives from departments like marketing, sales, legal and support.

A cross-functional team is charged with solving a business problem and measuring the success of their solution (keyword here is OKRs). In the discovery phase, a solution approach is developed based on some identified hypotheses. This approach is then tested with users/customers so it can be further developed (Value-Testing with prototypes or first drafts/MVPs). In the delivery phase – be it  Scrum or a variant of it – the collaborative and iterative workflow is maintained: conceptual work, UX/Design and the technical development progress hand in hand, via close collaboration within the team. Results are regularly tested with users and optimized.

The Ergonomen are specialized in three central functions of a product team: Product Management, User Research and UX Design. Please reach out to explore how we could contribute to your team’s success. Call us044 849 29 29 oder per E-Mail.

Schematic of product development in a Lean UX framework (Figure adapted from Lean UX – Designing Great Products with Agile Teams, Gothelf/Seiden, 2016).