Usability Testing: We evaluate and optimize

See with your own eyes in our usability lab what your users experience and benefit from our expertise. The usability test is the basis for our concrete optimization recommendations.

It is not only the usability testing, but the interpretation of the data and based on that the creation of innovative recommendations which is the real value for you. We do website tests, test and improve your software or GUI, devices, manuals, and apps with real users - a true reality check.
We also run tests for you internationally or for international corporations in Switzerland. With our partner network we cover the most important markets from the US to Europe, Arabia, China and Japan. You want to improve the usability of your products or communication - come to us!

  • Usability testing in the lab, field studies or remote testing.
  • Expert reviews, validation, compliance to standards.
  • Visalyser tests or eye-tracking (first impression, advertising appeal, branding, visual user guidance).
  • Analysis of potential, acceptance testing, quality assurance.
  • Online questionnaires, interviews, context analyses.
  • Web analytics, usage data analysis 

Are you interested in our expert usability know-how? We are here for you: 044 849 29 29 or eMail.