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We strive for easy handling, for good usability, for more usability in this world. Our clients appreciate that we bring the neutral outside view, the perspective of the users into the projects and thus help to simplify their products, services and processes efficiently and with a lot of tact and sensitivity. The results are higher customer satisfaction, increased sales, less service effort, more project security and lower risks.


We develop concepts, create interactive prototypes, optimize usability and test with users in the usability lab. We introduce the users' perspective along the entire user-centered design process. 

The core elements of user-centered design are: 


When it comes to methods, nobody is fooling us: For more than a decade (and even much longer) we have been working with methods of user research and usability, have earned our spurs with them or even developed methods ourselves, for example our Visalyser.

User Research

Ideally planned as step 1 in the product development project, questions such as: "What do users expect and what do they really need? Why do customers behave this way?" Thanks to scientific methods such as usability tests and (online) experiments, we receive robust answers as a stable foundation for the development of meaningful, effective products.

Usability test in the lab

We have two usability labs at your disposal where we let the users test your products. Thus, we analyze what works and what shall be improved and how.

Usability Expert Review

Experts evaluate a product and show improvement potential and measures.

Card Sorting

This is not about a card game but about structuring the contents of a website or application so that users find their target pages or features.


What is the first impression? What does a user see when he visits a website for the first time? And is that exactly what we want them to see first? With Visalyser, we measure the real first impression and can determine how a layout or design can be made even more effective. 

Context analysis

Looking over the user’s shoulders in their natural working environment reveals working methods, habits, workarounds and other individual characteristics, and is worth its weight in gold when it comes to optimizing existing applications. But it is also the first step on the road to success for new ideas.


In product development (this includes software applications and websites) it is sometimes very helpful to keep the target groups in mind. Personas - artificial target group representatives that do not exist in this form but stand for a certain characteristic and group of customers and whose description the developers can empathize with. 

Design sprint

We also call it a concept sprint because it is rarely about the pretty design of a user interface, but rather about the efficient and concentrated concretization of a vision. In five days, a presentable and tested prototype of an idea is created that can be presented to investors, management and potential customers.

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