Ergonomic: our customers

A few examples from recent projects: usability tests, expert's assessments, expert coaching, seminars, user experience optimization and much more.

Consortium Vote électronique

The consortium Vote électroniqe - consisting of the Swiss Federal Chancellery and a number of cantons - has embarked on a mission: every eligible voter in Switzerland should be able to vote electronically in a few years’ time.

Following an iterative user-centered design process, the Ergonomen developed not only the user concept, but also HTML/CSS templates for the user interface. This one-stop shop approach guarantees that the final application will reflect comprehensively the user needs.


Information technology service of city St.Gallen

The Ergonomen were in charge to carry out an expert review of the SharePoint-based file storage and derive concrete suggestions for optimization. The application status is on the right track, we were able to show quite some potential. Only single SharePoint standards are standing in the way for more efficiency.



We are supporting the re-design and ongoing developments at Homegate from a user perspective, mediate between the user's perspective, business and design and create the best compromise for a simple and efficient operation. is the most important industry phone book for Switzerland with daily half a million visitors. The Ergonomen optimize the customer experience with inputs concerning design ergonomics, the sales process and as an experimental test object for new ideas.



upc cablecom

Fast Internet, high definition digital TV, telephony - all these products and services need clear and easy-to-understand manuals and comprehensive user guidance. The Ergonomen support upc cablecom in explaining the installation and use of their products and services in an easy and effective way, for a great customer experience right from the instant you unpack your media box.


iPad-App for Schweizer Illustrierte

Swipe, pinch, touch,... Also iPad-Apps must be intuitive. A colorful project with numerous photo galleries and embedded videos.

F. Hoffmann-La Roche


Can it be ensured that new processes are accepted and adopted by the employees? Yes, with carefully planned and properly deployed training. The Ergonomen helped Roche design and develop a training program for their new global artworks process. Our support included providing the training concept, training workshop materials, quick guides and a complete system manual.



Credit Suisse AG

The Ergonomists support the Credit Suisse with usability evaluations, as well as optimization of Intranet applications, web offers and strategic innovations – also internationally.



Swisscom takes User Experience Design very seriously: an entire department is responsible for making sure that user experience is implemented thoroughly and consistently, and that the products launched comply with the highest usability standards. We support Swisscom regurlaly with our know-how. This includes support with product communication optimization, customer service improvements or strategical decisions.

Swiss Re – Client Information System

The client information system is an Intranet application for client managers, the “customer advisers” of Swiss Re. The user centered design process was very efficient and paid off: The user acceptance was exceptionally high from the beginning. The Ergonomists also developed the user manual, a quick guide, a trainer ‘s manual, and an interactive guided tour – the users from around the world are thrilled.


Swissgrid - Electricity trading without gaps

The Ergonomen contributed to the development of the application for managing result groups of Swissgrid. As sub-contractor of ipt innovation process technology, we brought the user view into the SCRUM process and verified the user stories before being taken over by the development.


MyOne - Lasting customer loyalty

Brochures, website, credit calculator, e-newsletter - the first impression is critical for the customer looking further or not. For MyOne, we tested in our usability lab by using Visalyser and optimised the communication channels.



The novel printing solution for industrial applications "redcube" has a user-friendly operation. The "redcube control" was developed via SCRUM, the user view being integral part of the development process. On schedule and usable! 
Interview with Peter Bösch, Hapa


Ministry of Defence, dstl

The Ergonomen participate in an exciting project in counter terrorism: "Biomimetic Executive Antiterrorist Strategic Tool (BEAST)". The project's goal is to develop a method to effectively anticipate potential targets of future terrorist attacks, and to facilitate mitigation. The Ergonomen's task is to provide the Human Factors perspective and to support our partners (BioTRIZ, in planning and implementing the tool set. The innovation is sponsored by the UK Ministry of Defense (MoD).


Sensile medical - High-tech medication

For Sensile Medical, we analysed user needs and tested concepts and haptic prototypes. Everything documented according to IEC62366.


Sunrise TV

The Ergonomen conceived and developed the online user manual for Sunrise TV. The new concept uses icons, symbols and an intuitive user guidance through the functions and options of Sunrise TV and supports the user in quickly finding his/her goal: optimized User Experience for Sunrise TV customers.


SBB AG – Infrastructure, Telecom

As part of a project for the for the Swiss Rail, the Ergonomists are developing the operating concept for the new shunting radio set "LISA". Having participated already in the ergonomic design of the device and its carrier unit, we now look after achieving the easiest possible use in the daily operational routine.


JobUp - Applicant management

The Ergonomen developed for JobUp the B2B-solution for applicant management:  job applicants submit their documents online, the processing is done online. Fast, efficient, understandable.

transplantinfo.jpg - Federal Office for Health

For, we optimised the usability and the structure. Most important was the content sharpening: clar, short and intelligible text ensures the neutral information communication on the topic of transplant and organ donation.


Zurich City Police – General business checkup

We tested the usability together with the City Police, the system users and the system developer company, and developed concrete optimization suggestions, for the user interface as well as for the organization.


Rhaetian Railway – Better sales through the Web

The Rhaetian Railway commissioned the Ergonomists to take a closer look at their internet performance with regard to usability. In addition, we were given the opportunity to submit proposals on how to present the offers on yet better. After all, all those attractive offers should reach their customers and should be booked.


Usability for Switzerland Tourism

How can the offers on the website be made even more usable and accessible? The Ergonomists carried out several usability expert assessments and usability tests on behalf of Switzerland Tourism.


Switzerland Travel Centre STC – Carefree online bookings

Booking on-line in Switzerland is like taking a vacation. The reservation process at STC, a subsidiary of SBB (Swiss Rail) and Switzerland Tourism is clearly and easily understandable. The simplicity of the reservation process decides, after all, on the success of the online tourism offer, at least in part.


Police corps of the Canton Zurich

The report logging system “Polis”, probably one of the most important applications of the Zurich police, has been modernized. As part of this, its user interface was given a new look. The Ergonomists are responsible for:

  • Ergonomics study and optimization of the user interface
  • Quick Start Guide for the most important functions
  • Guided Tour (e-Learning)

All that to increase the acceptance by the users and to facilitate the contact with the new product.


PostFinance – Secure e-finance

For PostFinance we solved a tricky question: How can the E-Finance system be protected even more efficiently against hackers’ attacks? For this purpose, we tested and optimized a concept in several steps. The practical solution is already running.