We make it clear

Usability testing, user-centered design, user experience, manuals and training: in our work, the user is in the focus. We introduce the user's point of view in the development of your product, business model and end-to-end customer journey to achieve for you a shorter development time and a higher return on investment through optimized user acceptance.


Usability Evaluation

We test and optimize usability

Witness what your users experience in our usability lab; our experts' review is your takeaway.

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Manuals, Training, eLearning

Let us explain it to your users

Software, hardware or services: we explain it all, while focusing on what is relevant - clear and to the point. 

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User Centered Design

A collaborative process at the Ergonomen

We support your project from the very first ideas, through requirements analysis and usability testing, to the final product. 

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System Ergonomics

Complex systems and Medical Devices

With human factors integration, the users' roles in complex technical systems are clearly defined. 

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User Experience and Emotion

We design your customer interactions

A positive end-to-end user experience is the key to customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers share their experiences. 

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Communication and Impact

Design messages that come across

Products, flyers, manuals: we use eye-tracking and our visalyser test to measure the perceivability and comprehensibility.

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Hackathon - Tourist Office 3.0

Technische Störung Telefon

Seit gestern 29. Juni sind wir telefonisch nur unter der Nummer 044 849 29 20 erreichbar. 

Sie können Ihre Frage auch an unsere allgemeine E-Mailadresse richten; wir rufen SIe umgehend zurück.

MAKE Open Tourism Data Hackdays: 27. & 28. Oktober 2017

Abenteuer, Reisen, Ferien, Urlaub – Wörter, die unsere Herzen höher schlagen lassen. Aus diesem Grund freuen wir uns besonders, hiermit die MAKE Open Tourism Data Hackdays 2017 ankünden zu können, welche im Rahmen des vom Bund geförderten INNOTOUR-Projekts “Tourist Office 3.0” durchgeführt werden.

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U wie Umgangsformen

Müllers kleines ABC (Netzwoche Nr. 7, 2017): U wie Umgangsformen - Als Umgangsform bezeichnen wir die Art und Weise, wie Menschen miteinander interagieren – das hat also unter anderem etwas mit Anstand zu tun...


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«The Ergonomen are our reliable partners, supporting us with User Experience Design and testing. I appreciate their fast, uncomplicated and competent collaboration.»

Stephan Engl Customer Insights & Validation – Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

«Through a rigorous process conducted with extremely high professionalism, the Ergonomen identified a whole amount of improvement points and corresponding measures for our web presence, as well as our strategy. Extensive experience, strict adherence to deadlines, definitely good results and very friendly interactions are just a few keywords. Thank you very much for your work.»

Detlef Janssen Head Communications & Events, AO Foundation, Davos

Our clients