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As a consultancy for usability, user experience and behavioral economics, we always have the user in mind. We have fun doing what we do, but we do not make a fuss. We deliver pragmatic solutions. Nice to meet you!



We Ergonomists are an interdisciplinary team of experts from the fields of psychology, ergonomics, communication, law, design, computer science and economics. 


Mission and Values

Mission and Values

For us, the human being is the center of attention. User-centered design also means actively listening. We want to understand the user's needs and the client's context and bring in the outside perspective effectively. We deliver and enjoy what we do. 

Mission and Values

Mission and Values


We are proud of our client list: From start-ups to large corporations, from telecoms to medical technology, from software to dunning processes. And with every new project we gain new experiences and good, resilient customer relationships. 

Satisfied Clients


What counts is motivation, the inner urge to want to achieve something. We are looking for motivated, competent, and intelligent people.

Jobs at Ergonomen

Test Participants

Become a test participant and join us in simplifying our complex world! In our usability lab you will test the usability of products, software, websites, user manuals and more.