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Your questions, answered

What does "test" mean? What will be tested?

The important thing is that you are not being tested. Rather: you will test a product! This might be a website, app or software, or a device (e.g. a smartwatch or a TV). Testing is often about seeing if the product is easy to use, helpful to users, and fun to use. Your feedback helps us to improve the product.

What happens in a test?

We will guide you through the test by giving you a few tasks and letting you explore the product. That's almost always really exciting! 😊
Most tests last 60 minutes, sometimes less.

Where do the tests take place?

Tests take place online or in our offices in Oerlikon (Wallisellenstrasse 301, Zurich). For online tests, we will send you a link and setup guide.

Will I be compensated?

Yes. The precise compensation depends on the test. On average, test users receive CHF100 for a 1 hour appointment. You will receive the compensation at the end of the appointment (cash, bank transfer or gift).

What is the risk of attending an appointment during COVID19?

Your safety is our first priority. Tests at our laboratory are 100% contact-free. In order for you to find your way around our premises independently, we will send you simple instructions beforehand by e-mail. All objects you come into contact with will be disinfected and the test room will be well ventilated before the appointment.

Signup and Cancellation

When I sign up as a test user, am I committing to something?

No. When you sign up, you simply indicate your interest in participating in a test. When inviting you to participate in a test, we will call you on the phone.

How often will I be contacted?

In the most cases, we will contact you only up to a few times per year. Each person signed up in our pool may participate in up to 1 test every 6 months. 

How can I withdraw my name from the test-person pool?

Please send us an email ( ) or a message using the contact form (contact button top-right of website).

Further questions or concerns? Please contact us.