Satisfied Clients

Our projects are as diverse as our clients. From small, courageous start-ups to innovative banks to pharmaceutical giants - we work with motivated teams from all industries. Below, a selection of clients we have worked with to create impact.

A creative team with a great service in the area of user-centered product development and usability studies. The cooperation with the Ergonomen is always enjoyable and efficient. - Thomas Weinhold, Usability Manager
The Ergonomen were competent from A-Z and understood our requirements from the get-go. The individual and targeted recruitment of product testers and the resulting analysis led to the desired test results. And these helped us enormously in further developing and optimizing our website. - Thomas Maass, Division Manager Operations
The Ergonomen approach even small companies and "weird" ideas with professionalism, openness and respect. Our exchanges were always constructive and pleasant. The results of the project were very useful in our early development phase - I assume that this would also be the case in later phases. - Carlo Opromolla, Head of Business Development
I appreciate the work with the Ergonomen very much. In this project, they quickly found their feet in our business environment with a wide variety of stakeholders and user groups. The clustering of the results and highlighting of key findings has been a tremendous help in understanding our new user segment. - Rasmus Goehrke, Head of Connectivity & Services
The quick orientation and comprehensive analysis supported by customer feedback from usability tests with the Ergonomen allowed us to identify and remove usage barriers quickly and purposefully, further relieving our contact center. - Markus Eberhard, Leiter Digital Business