UX Research

Your users are the experts. In User-Centered Design, we develop concrete, implementable solutions from the user's perspective. User research, requirements and context analysis, expert evaluation and usability testing are some of the methods we use.

With empathy, experience from complex projects, negotiation skills and clear, simple communication, we bring the outside perspective into your project in such a way that the right solution and your entire team benefits.



UX research or user research explores the needs and behaviors of users to make informed design decisions. Through interviews, observations and user tests in our usability lab we gain a deeper understanding of user needs. On this basis, we optimize and design user interfaces, making them more understandable, useful, efficient and effective.

We put the user in the spotlight and focus on your product – be it a website, an app, a manual or a product brochure. The result is more impact for you and your offering. More information about UX Research content can be found below the form.

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Usability Evaluation and User Research

What makes your target group really tick? How user-friendly is your product or service?

We help you to understand your target group even better and to get robust answers to your questions. Be it by means of an expert review or the gold standard among research methods – a usability test – we help our clients to understand the working and thinking patterns, the habits, the environment and the needs of their users. This is how we lay the foundation of successful products and services.  

We test websites, software, devices, as well as digital and analog media be it on-site, at the users' homes, online or in our in-house lab. This gives you real user feedback and tangible recommendations for action for mutual success for you and your customers. 

We make things usable

  • Real user feedback, relevant user insights

  • Validated suggestions for improvement

  • Concrete and actionable recommendations for improvement

Quantitative UX – Data-driven Usability Optimization

Where and why does your customer abandon the buying process? Where does the user encounter stepping stones? What hurdles does he/she face in the user experience?  

When users move around a website, they leave traces. We measure how your users move through your website, checkout process or application and identify usage hurdles and dropouts. Complementary to qualitative user research, we support our clients in interpreting quantitative usage data. We help you merge and aggregate different data sources, identify relevant behavioral patterns and develop data-driven recommendations for action with the goal: increasing usability and conversion rates. 

We give meaning to your data

  • Transparent data architecture 

  • Comprehensible evaluations 

  • Effective solution proposals

Finding the Right Test Participants

How do you recruit the right test participant? What needs to be considered for the success of the usability test? 

We recruit suitable and reliable test participants and take over the entire coordination. Benefit from our years of experience in test participant selection and our extensive and constantly growing test participant pool. We find the right profiles quickly and easily. 

So that your test will be a success

  • Relevant selection criteria 

  • Uncomplicated coordination 

  • Successful tests


When it comes to methods, no one can fool us: For over a decade, we have been applying user research methods to understand users, identify optimization potential, and make products and processes more user-friendly based on predefined use cases. 

Our Methods

Test Users

Our test participants help us to test the usability of products, software and websites for our customers. Tests are conducted in our usability lab in Zurich-Oerlikon or online. A test takes a maximum of one hour and your assistance is remunerated with CHF 50 to CHF 100, depending on the duration. 

We are always looking for new test participants. Are you interested? Then register with us as a test participant and help us design great products!

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