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We ensure that your products, services, processes and customer experiences are more efficient and effective. As experts in usability, user experience and behavioural economics, we put people in the spotlight. Simply clear!

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Swisscom saved more than CHF 8 million after introducing a new collections policy designed with the Ergonomen. At the same time, customer satisfaction rose sharply and sustainably. Read more: A "Fresh Start" for collections

Simply clear

For years, Dr. Christopher H. Müller has been exploring the theory and reality of current buzzwords in our industry in his column "Müller's ABCs". Check out all of his posts here (in German).


The Ergonomen love to share their expertise. At World Usability Day 2019, Remo Bebié discussed how know-how from behavioral economics can help product designers to create better projects. Learn more (in German): Behavioral Economics at World Usability Day 2019.

Goal Oriented

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are a powerful mechanism for ensuring an explicitely goal-oriented and focussed product development process. Learn more about how we have introduced OKRs internally (in German): OKRs at the Ergonomen.  

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We strive to simplify the complex world. Help us: Engage us to get started optimizing "your" product world straight away. We support our clients in one-off projects, via long-term embedded placements in their teams and also via coaching engagements.

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