UX Training

We are happy to share our broad knowledge and experience from complex UX projects with you and your teams. We are skilled facilitators and mediators and always have a trick up our sleeve when a strategy retreat or concept workshop needs a fresh push from the user corner.



Continuing education is essential in our fast-paced world to stay ahead of the competition. Expertise in user experience (UX) and behavioral economics play a key role in this. It's no longer enough to just create a product that works. Customers must also enjoy using it. This is achieved through simple, intuitive usability and motivational design. The customer experience is clearly in the foreground.  

To ensure that your product also becomes an experience, we offer you various training courses on usability, UX and behavioral economics. Our trainers are experts in their field and have the didactic skills to anchor the learned knowledge sustainably. Look forward to interactive trainings with valuable project insights and many new ideas for your future projects.

UX Training – empowering teams to leverage the shift in perspective

We bring in the outside view and help you and your teams to take a more holistic perspective on the business idea and the product. We support you in establishing UX in the company and in introducing agile project management.

"Thank you for decelerating at the right moment" or "With this inspiration, I see my project in a completely different light!" – reactions can be similar when you succeed in taking the user's perspective. Further down, inspiration for concrete measures.

May we enable you?

We are mediators between the outside view of your customers and the inside view of your project team. For the change of perspective: or form below, thank you.

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UX PM Certificate Course  

Do you want to learn about user experience and its application and obtain an internationally recognized certificate?   

In our UX PM certificate courses for product and project managers, we enable you to integrate UX into your projects. In addition to the basics of user experience, the focus is on its practical application in the project day. Discuss with like-minded people, benefit from the feedback of our experts and design solution approaches for your problems from your project and team work. The UX PM certification takes place over three consecutive levels:  

1. UX Adoption 

2. UX Execution  

3. UX Leadership

The courses are conducted by our experienced course leaders in a practical manner and in a pleasant learning atmosphere. We do not only impart knowledge. We listen, think along and support you in finding solutions. The Ergonomen bring you to your learning goal with a mixture of expert knowledge, case studies and exercises. From practice for practice! 

  • Get to know the language of UX 

  • Apply the most relevant UX methods 

  • Gain basic design and prototyping skills 

  • Take a holistic view of UX in the enterprise 

Details of the UX PM course 🛈 Only available in German

Practical Knowledge Transfer 

You want to enter the exciting world of user experience or behavioral economics, but don't know how? You already have prior knowledge and would now like to deepen this in a targeted and application-oriented way?  

Whether lectures, seminars or coaching sessions, we are experienced knowledge brokers and are happy to share our know-how. The size of the group determines the format. While individually designed guest lectures are especially useful for large groups, trainings and coachings offer hands-on learning in small groups of up to 12 people. Trainings are ideal for gaining initial insights into UX and behavioral economics, exchanging ideas and discussing example cases. If, on the other hand, you have a specific question and want to get into a topic area quickly and intensively, then 1-on-1 coaching is your perfect match. This can also be combined with a service package. This means that after the coaching you will have competent support in all your concerns around the topics of UX and behavioral economics.

We are happy to share our broad knowledge and experience with you and your teams. Our trainings range from basic modules on UX and behavioral economics to in-depth modules in all our areas of expertise, such as frontend, accessibility or even prototyping. This also includes intensive training in tools like Axure or Figma, the whole range of user research methods or organizational topics like management and strategy in UX. Contact us for your individual training or coaching plan!  

We teach you everything you need to know

  • Varied exercises and examples 

  • Application-related input 

  • Intensive, personal exchange 

  • From practice for practice

Regularly Held Advanced Training Courses

  • UX PM certificate courses conscious customer orientation (2 days)

  • UX Writing successful user experience (1 day)

  • Behavioral Customer Experience effective offers (1 day)

  • Behavioral Pricing rewarding pricing (1 day)

For more information on the courses, please see below. For customized company packages we of course offer individual appointments.

We will be happy to advise you. Feel free to contact us!


Course Details

UX Writing

Names of buttons and navigation elements, comprehensible content and error messages are just as relevant for user guidance as appealing design. Our UX writing training provides you with the tools for effective texts – from "Calls to Action" to formulated offer pages.

Behavioral Customer Experience

People act and decide irrationally, but do so systematically and predictably. Behavioral economics describes these systematic errors and is therefore an indispensable basis for designing products and services effectively. In this context, we at the Ergonomen refer to the use of behavioral economics as Behavioral Customer Experience. In our one-day training course, you too can become an expert in human behavior and thus increase your success in the market.

Behavioral Pricing

In our 1-day training course on behavioral pricing, you will learn how to use the psychological patterns of your customers to make your pricing strategies more rewarding. With hands-on exercises, inspiring case studies and interactive discussions, we help you build fundamentals, deepen your knowledge and take your behavioral pricing skills to the next level.