Behavioral Economics

Why do people do what they do? Behavioral economics has answers to this question. We use principles from behavioral economics for the mutual benefit of companies and customers. From behavioral economic analyses we derive effective strategies, communications and products. Our solutions are based on evidence and are effective. You can trust that: You achieve sustainable impact thanks to applied behavioral economics.



Proper user motivation is as important to the success of a website, software, process or product as good usability. Studies show that you can achieve up to 85% increased sales growth and over 25% higher gross profit thanks to behavioral economics. Nevertheless, the potential is only hesitantly exploited. For example, dunning processes predominantly involve threats of sanctions. However, alternatives that take individual capacity into account are rarely offered. But it is exactly these action alternatives that have a positive effect – for debtors as well as for creditors. 

We research the needs and possible actions of your customers for you. Based on these findings, we design the customer experience to be user-centric, motivating and rewarding for all.

Behavioral Customer Experience – behavioral economics practically applied

Using concepts from behavioral economics and a focus on usability, we create experiences that positively influence user or customer behavior. Our evidence-based methods improve the customer experience and motivate customers to do the right thing.

How much can you charge for a service? Which price brings the biggest revenue (no, not always the cheapest or most expensive...)? How do we use capacity and motivation to support our customers? These and other aspects are discussed below the form.

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Effective Communication 

How do you convince your customers? How do you proactively avoid misunderstandings? How do you communicate clearly and understandably with your target group?  

Our decision-making behavior is strongly influenced by the way we communicate. Concepts of behavioral economics therefore support effective and targeted communication. The so-called "framing", for example, describes that the context of a statement influences its interpretation. 

Example: Which drug do you prefer? 

  • Drug A, which is effective in 70% of cases, or 

  • Drug B, which has no effect in 30% of the cases? 

User-friendliness and user guidance have a lot to do with clear and understandable communication. That's why we support you specifically with UX writing and text optimization: We bring your message to the point. Be it visitor guidance, user experience or marketing, we explain to your customers and users in simple terms how they can most efficiently achieve their goals.

We ensure that the message gets across

  • Clear, understandable wording 

  • Targeted user guidance 

  • Effective texts 

  • Useful instructions and user guides

Profitable Pricing Models 

How do you make sure your pricing model works for your customers? Where do you stand on pricing? 

Pricing and costs are a touchy and politically fraught subject. Why not try behavioral pricing? We consult user data and behavioral economics principles for pricing. In joint workshops, we identify the monetary, psychological and social benefit aspects of your customers. 

Keyword "mental accounting": People keep mental accounts by booking losses and profits to different mental accounts. This explains why we willingly pay ten francs for a liter of water in a good restaurant with courteous service, while we would never spend five francs for the same bottle in a discount store. 

At Ergonomen you will find the right experts to approach pricing, behavioral pricing and pricing models creatively and profitably. We optimize your tactical pricing and increase its effectiveness - always transparently and in the interest of your customers! 

We optimize the benefits for you and your customers

  • Evidence-based recommendations for action 

  • Measurable increase in acceptance 

  • Basis for decision-making from an external perspective

Motivating Offer and Process Design 

How do you strengthen your unique selling proposition (USP)? How do you develop a brand new offer?

Use the potential of behavioral economics: design offers and processes in such a way that customers understand them and enjoy using them. 

Behavioral economics potential analysis systematically examines your services, products and processes and delivers concrete optimization suggestions from the user's point of view. With targeted "nudging", we steer behavior without coercion or explicit economic incentives to where it adds the most value for customers and providers. Furthermore, we test the effectiveness of behavioral economic measures such as nudges and textual user guidance in behavioral economic (online) experiments: The experiments provide you with the statistically supported evidence which measure really works. 

The Ergonomen show you the effectiveness of your offer and your processes and what supports prospective customers in their decision making. We evaluate user behavior quantitatively and qualitatively, develop behavior-guiding measures and deliver fact-based recommendations for action. 

We bring you closer to your goals

  • Know what works 

  • Steer behavior in the right direction 

  • Evidence-informed measures


When it comes to methods, no one can fool us: For over a decade, we have been applying user research methods to understand users on the basis of predefined use cases, identify optimization potential, and make products and processes more user-friendly.

Our Methods