Motivation and Effect - model behavior 

User motivation is as important for the success of a website, software, product or process as usability is. We therefore not only optimize the usability of complex human-machine interfaces, but also use the potential on the part of users, customers and operators by helping to positively influence their motivation and behavior.


Motivating users to do the right thing is often forgotten. In a dunning process, for example, threats of sanctions quickly become counterproductive if the people addressed are not given the opportunity to settle their arrears of payment according to their possibilities.

Using principles from behavioral economics, we research the needs and capacity on the customer side and thus create the basis for more effective, friendlier and above all more efficient processes. We make your processes more customer-friendly, motivating and above all more rewarding. 

With concepts from behavioral economics and the focus on usability, we create experiences that positively influence the behavior of users or customers. Our evidence-based methods improve the customer experience and motivate them to do the right thing. 

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