Our Mission

We place people in the spotlight. We optimise and design products, services, processes, communication and experiences. We simplify the complex world.

“Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast” says P. F. Drucker. But we at the Ergonomen prefer to eat breakfast (or lunch) together as a team and live the culture.

Our company mission and values are not just a poster on the wall, but rather the culture we live every day. Our mission and values were articulated, discussed and visualized collaboratively by our whole team.

Our Values

We act like owners.

We take responsibility, especially for our projects. We act independently, efficiently and with foresight.

We deliver.

We keep our promises and work reliably, pragmatically and solution-oriented.

We have fun.

We have the courage to try new things. We enjoy our work, we are enthusiastic and passionate.

We don't make a fuss.

We are honest, personal and authentic. We distinguish ourselves through humanity and pleasant interactions.

It's all clear with us.

We practice usability in projects, but also in our values. We are direct, open, honest and transparent.

We actively listen.

We act as observers and work cautiously but confidently. We obtain strong results through empathy and modesty.