UX Design 

Get started with your product instead of doing correction and improvement loops. Above all, user-centered design means gathering user feedback early on, bringing ideas to life in the form of prototypes and mockups, and presenting them to the relevant target groups for testing: This saves you time, money and nerves. A thoroughly transparent process in which you always know where your project stands. And customer satisfaction benefits as well!



A picture is worth a thousand words. That's why we prefer to use paper and pencil or prototyping software. In this way, we direct the focus of all project participants to the shared vision and the step-by-step emergence of (tangible) concepts and visualizations. 

Prototypes come in many forms: the schematic on the whiteboard or the sketch on paper are followed by simple wireframes, which in turn mature into functional mockups and prototypes. Depending on the requirements in the project step, the prototype has the necessary detail and shape. So that everything is simply clear. Drawing the right conclusions from large amounts of data and presenting these insights in a self-explanatory way is also best achieved by focusing on user requirements. We draw the right conclusions from your data pools for you.

We love to visualize our proposals from the user's point of view. When we look at a solution sketch together, we automatically talk about the same thing, namely what is in front of us and not what arises as an image in our heads. This way we iterate quickly and efficiently towards a good solution. Below we describe approaches on how we do this.

We'd love to show you.

A picture is worth a thousand words. One call ( ) replaces a hundred forms ...

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Efficient Design Sprints 

Do you have a forward-looking idea in mind but no plan on how to implement it? Are you looking for a pragmatic and efficient way to turn your idea into reality? 

Our design sprint, adapted to your situation and requirements, is an agile design thinking method. Within a few days, your idea has been transformed in a tangible prototype that has already been tested with users. No more long discussions and towards concrete results: In a two- to four-day sprint, we sit down with you to tackle the task at hand and develop an idea into a tangible concept, a vision, a sketch, a prototype. This prototype is tested with users and the direction is further sharpened. In this way, we not only simplify your development process, but also ensure that your customers will enjoy using the product. 

We accelerate your development processes 

  • Tangible concepts instead of fuzzy ideas 

  • Impactful concepts

  • Pragmatic solutions 

  • Experienceable, tested prototypes

Experienceable Visions and Concepts 

Are your developers and designers talking past each other?    

Then perhaps the common product vision is missing. To be able to talk about the same thing, a simple visualization on paper is often enough. Based on this, concept sketches, wireframes and visual design are created iteratively. By adding text and navigation, the low fidelity wireframe becomes a high fidelity wireframe and finally a clickable prototype. When design is added, it becomes a real-world mockup including color and shape. 

We listen to you and your stakeholders and align internal requirements, expectations and demands. Thanks to Lean UX methods, rapid prototyping, it is a small step to the Figma prototype that can be experienced. We guide you through the concept and design process and transform your idea into a tangible product.

We give your ideas and visions function and form

  • Coordinated internal requirements and goals 

  • Concretized vision 

  • User-friendly prototypes


Methods? Yes, there is a whole range of approaches, depending on the question and the goal.

Our methods

Clear and Informative Data Visualization 

A huge pile of data and no idea how to use it?  

Extracting the relevant information from "Big Data" and even presenting it in a way that can be worked with is a challenge we are happy to support you with. We derive the relevant insights from data for effective decision making and design your clear and user-friendly dashboard.  

In user research, dashboards provide a snapshot of user behavior. They provide both an overall view and insights on courses of action. 

Designing a dashboard is an iterative and agile process. Insights into the goals and mental models of your users are the basis for the dashboard's information hierarchy, so that it reveals concrete optimization potential, how you can increase the efficiency of your checkout process, your registration process or your workflows. 

We turn "Big Data" into "Big Benefit"

  • Clear, informative dashboards 

  • Data-based optimization potential 

  • Measurable immediate measures