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Usability Testing in Comfort

It seem that usability tests are no longer "only" an effective tool to challenge prototypes and products. They also offer premium entertainment for our clients working from home.

8. June 2020
Dr. Christopher H. Müller

Owner, Expert Consultant

“Super, keep it up!” - a client’s report from the couch 

Remote usability testing yields some unexpected perks: Our clients are enjoying the opportunity to observe their products’ usability tests from their living rooms. I can only imagine that a comfortable sofa (and I suspect, at least in some tests, a healthy selection of snacks) helps them manage the jitters that often accompany critical testing of a product in development.  

Of course, we will continue to offer remote testing after COVID regulations loosen, as requested. Do you want to learn more about remote or lab-based usability testing? I'm happy to answer your questions or help you set up your next test:   

Dr. Christopher H. Müller

Owner, Expert Consultant

Founder and owner of the Ergonomen. Doctorate at the Institute for Hygiene and Occupational Physiology at ETH. Christopher Müller is a family man, nature lover, empath and passionate smartphone photographer. Christopher has been one of Switzerland's leading usability experts for over 20 years.