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Modernization of the desktop application Allocare AMS


Allocare AMS is a powerful client application for professional Portfolio Management. After years of successful deployment and continuously adding new features, there was a huge potential for redesigning the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and to optimize the application's Usability for all users.

Challenge and goal

The Allocare AMS application showed great potential for renewal with respect to its look and feel, the visual user guidance and its usability. The aim of this project was to give the user interface of the Allocare AMS application a fresh design and structuring it in such a way that both existing and new customers can carry out their tasks efficiently. In addition to revising the GUI design and the application's UX, its navigation and information architecture were also in scope for optimization – all while taking into account the technical framework conditions and possibilities.

Fig. 1: Allocare AMS before the modernisation (old navigation).

Procedure and method

The optimization of the Allocare AMS application followed the User Centered Design process: Explorative usability tests with Allocare users helped to identify stumbling blocks in the usage and user guidance. The potential for optimization was documented and initial concrete solutions were developed. We developed an interactive prototype so that the new, freshly designed operating concept could be developed together with Allocare stakeholders and users. This functional, clickable prototype not only served as the basis for further usability tests in the laboratory but also as a template for the further work by software developers.

Fig. 2: The interactive prototype brings the concept to life. 

In parallel to the development of the prototype, a style guide was created that documented basic visual elements (colours, fonts, icons) and principles of good user guidance (e.g. error management). The set of rules manifested in the style guide served as a reference for the development of future features.

Both, the prototype and the style guide were then further developed in speed design sessions together with Allocare. This method proved to be extremely efficient in understanding and visualizing the requirements for the new ribbon concept and developing them iteratively.  

Result and measurement of success

Based on the prototype, the concept could be easily explained internally at Allocare. Together with the style guide, it was handed over to the developers and the application was revised accordingly. The result is an application that shines in a modern light and enables users to master their tasks efficiently. This is confirmed by an Allocare internal ISO standard survey: the new design is clear, modern and well-arranged and the user guidance is perceived as more intuitive.

Fig. 4: Feedback on the new Allocare AMS version.

Customer benefits

Thanks to the modernization of its desktop application, Allocare is boosting customer satisfaction with the new release and is in the pole position for acquiring new customers. The numerous functions are now easy to find, ensuring Allocare's competitive advantage. 

Fig. 5: Allocare AMS after modernisation. A fresh ribbon design. 

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