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Consistent communication from A to Z

Viseca + Migros Bank

The new Cumulus credit card from Migros Bank has been launched in summer 2022: Customers can apply for the credit card within minutes having it ready for use immediatley after the application process – completely digital and unique in Switzerland. Among others, The Ergonomen were responsible for ensuring comprehensible and consistent omni-channel communication.

Challenge and goal

The customer journey to apply for the Cumulus credit card can start at various touchpoints. As such, depending on the location of customers (in a Migros supermarket branch, on the road or at home) and depending on the channel used (digital or physical e.g. a brochure) applicants for the credit card may encounter a versatile path until the reception of the credit card. Given the complexity of different customer journeys it was key to make them simple and clear for the applicant. This is where we came in: We ensured the consistency and comprehensibility of the communication across all touchpoints.

In doing so, it was most important that every applicant - independent of the journey undertaken - understood how he or she could get a credit card in the easiest and quickest way and benefit from its advantages. As many of the benefits of the application are linked to the digital onboarding in Viseca's one app (e.g. immediately issued digital credit card), we placed a special focus on ensuring that customers are made aware of the benefits of the digital onboarding (in the one app) at every touchpoint and that any change in media or device is indicated with clear instructions.

Fig. 1: A complex user journey with various touchpoints.

Fig. 1: A complex customer journey with various touchpoints.

Procedure and method

To ensure consistent communication across all touchpoints, we created a glossary of relevant terms together with the involved stakeholders (Viseca, Migros Bank and Migros-Genossenschaft-Bund), which served as the basis for all texts in the customer journey for the Cumulus credit card application. We then optimised the texts of the entire customer journey from a UX writing perspective. The textually revised materials were finally subjected to an end-to-end communication test: 8 test participants from the target group went through the entire customer journey and decided independently whether they wanted to apply for the credit card via the smartphone (browser or app), on the desktop or on paper. Our usability lab allowed us to analyse not only the digital touchpoints but also the interaction with the physical materials and the interfaces in between. Based on the findings, we developed solutions from the user's point of view.

Fig. 2: Usability test with focus on end-to-end communication


The result was an end-to-end optimised communication with a consistent and comprehensible terminology and clear instructions. The early agreement on a shared glossary was particularly crucial for achieving the goal. In addition, the timing of the communication test was also important: in order to obtain the most realistic reactions possible from the test participants, the tested process should be as similar as possible to the final process. At the same time, however, there had to be enough time before the launch to implement any optimisations after the test.

Customer benefit and measurement of success

The success of the entire project "The new Cumulus Credit Card" can be seen in the following KPI: 3 minutes and 33 seconds is the fastest registered time of a real user from application start to confirmation message. This was achieved through smooth user guidance across all channels, including consistent communication. The project confirmed: Instant Issuing has successfully established a credit card innovation.

We were also particularly pleased that the "Self-Service Onboarding of the Cumulus Credit Card" project submitted together with Viseca and our partner BlueGlass was awarded silver in both the "Digital Commerce" and "Technology" categories of the Best of Swiss Web Award 2023.

Fig. 3: Our project won 2 awards at the Best of Swiss Web Award 2023.

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