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Redesign of in five days


Months can pass when designing software, websites or devices. You revise, go in circles and invest more resources than planned. Parato didn't want to deal with this chaos. Find out how the Ergonomen helped Parato create a new user-friendly website in five days.

Challenge and goal

How must a website be structured to achieve impact and reach the desired success? Such sort of questions can trigger endless discussions. To prevent Parato from that, we offered them an ambitious challenge: Creating a new effective website concept within only five days. 

Fig. 1: before the redesign.

Procedure and methods

To achieve the ambitious goal of craeting a new website concept for within five days, we conducted a concept sprint together with Parato. A concept sprint comprises five steps that cover the various stages in the design process from a first visualization of ideas until the validation of a matured concept with real user testing. In the specific case of Parato we proceeded as follows:

In the first step, also called "Map"-stage, we created a process diagram with the conditions for achieving the ambitious goal. Expert speakers were invited at that stage and shared relevant information regarding strategy, SEO, marketing and UX. This information provided us with a solid fundament to solve the central challenges in pusuance of our goal. The question remaining was: How can we focus our energy and knowledge without ending up in loose discussions about what the result should look like? The solution lied in the second step of the concept sprint, the "Sketch"-stage. When starting with the sketching-process, we didn't discuss anything at all, but started sketching ideas straight away. Only in the third step, also called the "Decide"-stage, we started discussing our ideas on the basis of the concrete solution sketches we just developed. In step number 4, the "Prototype"-stage, we digitised the winning idea directly on Hubspot (CMS) and further optimised the resulting prototype from a C-level, SEO, marketing and IT perspective. User tests in step number 5, the "Test"-stage, helped us to finalize the website concept from a user perspective.

Fig. 2: The "Map"-stage – focussing on the essentials.

Fig 3: The "Sketch"-stage – designing first solutions.

Fig. 4: The "Decide"-stage – identifying the best solutions.

Fig. 5: The "Test"-stage – finalizing the prototype with user feedback.

Result and customer benefit

After five intensive sprint days, Parato received their new website concept implemented directly on Hubspot. By involving dedicated experts in the beginnin of the concept sprint, we were able to quickly clarify questions regarding strategy, SEO, implementation, marketing and UX and tangibly integrate them in the concept. The result is a sound, refreshing website that covers the needs from all relevant stakeholders catalyses the lead generation process!

Fig. 6: after the redesign.

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