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Retreat in Ticino: A Productive Blend of Work and Relaxation

The Ergonomen team embarked on an exciting team retreat in the picturesque region of Ticino. From June 19th to June 21st, the consulting team spent three intense yet rejuvenating days in Paradiso at Hotel Bigatt. The retreat provided the perfect opportunity to recharge away from the daily grind, strengthen team dynamics, and work on strategic topics. In this report, we would like to provide you with a detailed insight into our agenda and the highlights of our eventful days.

1. July 2023
Dr. Christopher H. Müller, Owner, Expert Consultant

Owner, Expert Consultant

Team Meeting and Immersion in the Beauty of Ticino

On Monday, June 19th, we kicked off with our weekly team meeting, focusing on our ongoing projects. Later in the afternoon, we dedicated the first team event to exploring the beauty of Ticino.

View from the Locanda dal Bigatt in Paradiso

After a nice walk in the hills in and above Morcote, we visited Tenuta del Castello, perched high above the picturesque town, for a wine tasting experience. The flavors and aromas of the local wines, accompanied by Ticino's cheese specialties and savory meat products, enriched our senses. We then enjoyed a delightful dinner at the picturesque restaurant, Barcaioli, in Morcote. The relaxed atmosphere and the culinary delights of Ticino cuisine made it an unforgettable evening.

Impressions of Tenuta del Castello, wine tasting and walk in Morcote

Walk the talk!

Tuesday began with a hike up San Salvatore, but it was no ordinary hike. During the ascent, we reflected in small groups or pairs on our company philosophy and potential optimizations for our website. This morning session served as the first part of our strategy concept sprint. The breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes of Ticino further motivated us. During breaks on the hike, we engaged in lively discussions and developed creative solutions for web-related issues, including SEO and service offerings. This combination of outdoor movement and focused work proved to be highly efficient and inspiring!

Hikin and conceptualizing all the way up the San Salvatore

Design Sprint

In the afternoon, we immersed ourselves in the creative part of our concept sprint. We examined future website content from various perspectives and developed innovative approaches to enhance user-friendliness and showcase our core values. The collective creativity and synergy during this workshop led to valuable outcomes.

Intensive exploration of our current website: being crative on our own but together ...

Dinner at a genuine Grotto ticinese

To conclude the day, we organized a team event at Grotto Morchino in the evening. During this convivial gathering, we indulged in delicious food, such as polenta and Brasato, or polenta generously topped with Gorgonzola.

Great food and wine at Grotto Morchino

Sprint Wrap-up and Individual Departures or Pool Time

On Wednesday morning, we dedicated ourselves to the finalization of our sprint. We worked diligently to clarify the remaining details and summarize the results of our team collaboration. The insights and ideas that emerged during the retreat were transformed into concrete plans to make our website even more informative and user-friendly.

Creative ideas and pragmatic solutions

Refreshing ending

After the collective feedback session, we had the option to choose between individual departures or relaxing by the hotel pool. Some of us decided to savor the beauty of Ticino a little longer, while others returned to the work routine with renewed energy.

The Ergonomen in Paradiso!

The team retreat in Ticino was a perfect blend of productive work and pleasant relaxation. We returned motivated and brimming with new ideas, eager to put the results of our efforts into action.


Dr. Christopher H. Müller, Owner, Expert Consultant

Owner, Expert Consultant

Dr. Christopher H. Müller, founder and owner of Ergonomen Usability AG, earned his PhD from the Institute for Hygiene and Applied Physiology at ETH Zurich. With over 22 years of experience, he is an expert in usability and user experience. His strong sense of empathy allows him to quickly understand the needs and perspectives of his clients. With creativity and courage, he supports his clients in their digitalization projects and the optimization of products, services, and processes. He takes a practical approach, developing tailored solutions that can be effectively implemented. Dr. Christopher H. Müller is a columnist for Netzwoche. He also serves as a board member for the Zugang für alle Foundation, and is a member of two Swico advisory boards and co-president of the Regional Conference Nördlich Lägern.